Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine


Internal Examinations within our outpatient department primarily serves to assess the condition of the patient before the surgery and to determine the risks of the surgery for the patient.


Since the outpatient department also provides cardiac and angiology care, the patient's preoperative condition can be evaluated in terms of three disciplines (internal medicine, cardiology, and angiology).


Within the preoperative preparation, the patient can undergo any examination in the field of cardiology and angiology at one workplace during a considerably shortened examination process. The patient does not have to visit three different outpatient departments, but everything is done at one workplace, including any additional tests that can be performed in one day.


Therefore, it is also possible to assess the preoperative patient’s condition in one outpatient department in terms of the three fields at once and determine:

  • Internal risk (e.g. the nutritional status, diabetes control, accompanying liver disease, etc.)
  • Cardiology risk (condition after heart attacks, heart failure, hypertension, arrhythmias, etc.)
  • Vascular risk (the risk of thrombosis and embolism, etc.)


Based on the assessment of these risks, it is then possible to select the optimal preoperative preparation of the patient.



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