Miroslav MD, MBA

Miroslav Homza, MD, MBA

Cardiologist, Angiologist, Internist

Curriculum Vitae



Full name: Miroslav Homza MD, MBA

Date of birth: 3rd October 1962

Place of birth: Prešov, Slovak Republic

Nationality: Czech

Contact address: University Hospital of Ostrava, 17. listopadu 1790, 708 52 Ostrava, Czech Republic





Since 2008: Head of Cardiovascular Department at University Hospital in Ostrava 

Address: 17. listopadu 1790, 708 52 Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic


Since 2008: Physician supervisor

BENEDOR s.r.o. - Outpatient Clinic of Cardiology, Angiology, Diabetology and Internal Medicine





Since 2011: Ph.D. (in progress), Cardiology

Masaryk University, School of Medicine, Brno, Czech Republic

Dissertation: The incidence of peripheral arterial disease and carotid arterial disease in patients with coronary heart disease


2014: Master of Business Administration, Brno International Business School, Brno, Czech Republic



1981-1987: MD, General Medicine, Palacky University, School of Medicine, Olomouc, Czech Republic






2013: ICCH/GCP Training


2011: License in Interventional Angiology (Educator)


2011: License in Transesophageal Echocardiography (Educator)


2009: License in Interventional Angiology


2007: License in Diagnostic Interventional Cardiology


2005: Qualification Exam in Angiology (advanced state examination)


2003: License in Transesophageal Echocardiography


1998: Qualification Exam in Internal Medicine - 2nd Degree (advanced state examination)


1994: Qualification Exam in Cardiology (advanced state examination)






Since 2013: Member of the Advisory Committee of the Centre for Epidemiological Research on the Medical Faculty of the University of Ostrava in Ostrava


Since 2011: Assistant Professor, University of Ostrava, Department of Clinical Studies


Since 2008: Head of Cardiovascular Department at University Hospital Ostrava


Since 2008: Private Practice – Cardiology, Angiology, Internal Medicine


2001 – 2007: Head of Vascular Center at Vitkovice Hospital in Ostrava






Author of 6 papers published in peer reviewed medical or scientific journals


European Society of Radiology – associate member


European Society of Cardiology – associate member


Czech Society of Angiology


Czech Society of Cardiology


Czech Society of Internal Medicine J.E.Purkyne







Founding and managing of Vascular Center at Vitkovice Hospital in Ostrava


Managing and Development of Cardiovascular Department at University Hospital of Ostrava


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